Tyler, TX, USA

The KLTV building in Tyler, Texas, USA

About Tyler:

Tyler is the largest city in and the county seat of Smith County, Texas. It is located in East Texas, about 100 miles east of Dallas. The city was founded in 1846 and was named after John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States.

Tyler has a population of around 105,000 people and has a diverse economy that includes healthcare, education, manufacturing, and retail. The city is home to the University of Texas at Tyler, as well as several other colleges and universities, which contribute to its educated workforce.

The city is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is situated in the Piney Woods region of Texas and is surrounded by many lakes and state parks, including Tyler State Park and Lake Tyler. The city also has a number of public parks, including Bergfeld Park, which features a large playground, a skatepark, and a large pond.

The city has a rich cultural heritage, and it is home to many museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. The Tyler Museum of Art, for example, features a collection of American art and is housed in a restored Art Deco building. The Caldwell Zoo is also located in Tyler, and it features over 3,000 animals from over 400 species.

Additionally, the city is known for its azalea and rose gardens, as well as its annual Texas Rose Festival, which is held each October and celebrates the city’s heritage as the “Rose Capital of the Nation.”

Tyler is also well served by transportation, with the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport connecting it to major cities in Texas and the neighboring states. Also, it’s major highways such as the I-20, US-69 and US-271 connecting it to other major cities in Texas.

Overall, Tyler is a friendly and vibrant city that offers a high quality of life and a wide range of opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Things to do in Tyler:

  1. Visit the Tyler Rose Garden, which is home to over 38,000 rose bushes and is the largest rose garden in the country.
  2. Explore the Tyler Museum of Art, which features a collection of American art, as well as traveling exhibitions.
  3. Visit the Caldwell Zoo, which features over 3,000 animals from more than 400 species.
  4. Take a stroll around the historic downtown area, which is home to many shops, restaurants, and other businesses.
  5. Visit the Tyler Junior College Galaxy Center for the Arts, which offers a variety of performances and other events throughout the year.
  6. Take a tour of the Tyler State Park and Lake Tyler, which offers boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
  7. Visit the University of Texas at Tyler, which offers many academic programs and has a beautiful campus.
  8. Visit the Liberty Hall, a historic home and museum that provides an interesting glimpse into the city’s past.
  9. Visit the Oil Palace which a live music venue and events center that plays host to a variety of concerts, performances and events.
  10. Visit the Goodman-LeGrand House and Museum, a historic home and museum that is full of artifacts and stories from the past.
  11. Visit the East Texas Symphony Orchestra, which offers a variety of concerts and other events throughout the year.
  12. Visit the Smith County Historical Society, which has a collection of artifacts and stories from the area’s past.
  13. Visit the Tyler Civic Theatre which offers a variety of stage productions, from classics to new plays.
  14. Take a walk or bike ride on the Tyler Rose Trail, which is a 3.6-mile paved trail that winds through the city.
  15. Visit the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, which offers flights to major cities in Texas and beyond.
  16. Visit the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, which honors the state’s cowboy heritage.
  17. Visit the Discovery Science Place, a children’s science museum that offers hands-on exhibits and activities.
  18. Visit the Camp Ford Historic Park, which is a Civil War-era prisoner of war camp that was once used to hold Union soldiers.
  19. Visit the Center for Earth & Space Science Education, an interactive museum that offers exhibits on space science and technology.
  20. Take a drive out to the Tyler Arboretum, a beautiful natural area that features miles of hiking trails and a wide variety of plant and animal life.
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